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How Does the Stock Market Work?

How Do Financial Advisors Make MoneyEveryone has questions about the stock market – how should they invest? How much money should they invest? How do they decide on which stocks to buy? All of these questions leave people wishing they had paid more attention in those economics classes in college! But while business courses prepare people for the theory behind investment strategies, they often do not touch on specific strategies at all. So, in order to make the most informed decision about where to invest those hard-earned savings, spend some time learning about how the stock market works so that money can work with the investor, not against them. For additional insight, consult with a financial advisor in New Jersey who can explain the ins and outs of investing for the novice investor. (more…)


What Millennials Should Know About Retirement

Insurance Broker QuestionsThough the millennial generation is just starting to enter the workforce, they are a forward-thinking bunch. And with anyone who is looking to get ahead in their future lives and careers, preparing for a comfortable retirement is always a good practice to cultivate. However, college courses and economics classes often do not prepare students, now employees, for maximizing their retirement savings. To cut down on the myths, here are a few tips that financial advisors in NJ often give to their millennial clients.

What Baby Boomers Should Know About Retirement

Financial AdvisorWhile baby boomers probably remember their first few days in the workforce, they are steadily working their way towards retirement. And it’s coming quickly! However, many baby boomers are a part of a smaller subset of their generation who do not really know how to prepare for retirement, or how to take advantage of that preparation. This article does not aim to be the definitive resource on retirement, but it does address several mistakes that baby boomers make that limit the amount of resources at their disposal when they enter retirement. So, here are a few tips and tricks according to a top financial advisor in NJ on how to avoid those missteps and better educate this generation on how to retire right.

8 Ways to Retire Before 65

InsuranceThough practically everyone views the number 65 as the magical age at which they will retire and start living the life they always wanted to, who says that 65 has to be the precise age to retire ? Why not 55 or even 45? While many people may feel that retiring early, even by just a few years, is an unrealistic expectation, this definitely does not have to be the case. Instead, consider making a few small lifestyle adjustments that will have significant, positive financial impacts later in life.  Prior to consulting with a financial advisor in NJ,

consider the following eight steps which will help to save the most money for an early retirement.

10 Financial Benefits of Homeownership

Homeowners InsuranceHomeownership is a major investment, and can be prohibitively costly for many individuals. However, younger buyers are often looking to make concrete financial investments that they can physically see, rather than playing the ephemeral stock market. For such investors, owning a home can be a great way to start accumulating assets, while also being a very practical place to live, for several reasons.  Here are a few of the top financial benefits according to a leading financial advisor in NJ:

How Do Financial Advisors Make Money?

How Do Financial Advisors Make MoneyYou don’t have to be in the ranks of a billionaire or move in the same circles as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Donald Trump to have a financial advisor.  Anyone who wants to ensure that when they are ready to retire they have a substantial nest egg, and enough money put away in the event of a financial hardship should speak to a financial planner.  As prudent as you might have been about saving money through your working years, it is still a savvy move on your part to take the time to consult with a financial advisor to see what magic he or she can work for you and your finances, especially the closer you inch to your “golden years”.  If you live in the New Jersey area and are looking for a top financial advisor you should contact John Savadjian.  John Savadjian is a highly regarded insurance broker and financial advisor in NJ.

How Does Insurance Work?

How does Insurance WorkInsurance got its start during the days when cargo ships were heavily used and when they got destroyed, their cargo was lost. Merchants began dividing their cargo among a number of boats so they were not as likely to lose all their merchandise and reach complete financial ruin. This way, even if one boat was lost, merchants didn’t lose everything but were more likely to only lose a small portion of their goods. They “shared the risk” between the boats which is the foundation of the insurance industry today. Insurance is basically parties agreeing to sharing risks.