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How Do Financial Advisors Make Money?

How Do Financial Advisors Make MoneyYou don’t have to be in the ranks of a billionaire or move in the same circles as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Donald Trump to have a financial advisor.  Anyone who wants to ensure that when they are ready to retire they have a substantial nest egg, and enough money put away in the event of a financial hardship should speak to a financial planner.  As prudent as you might have been about saving money through your working years, it is still a savvy move on your part to take the time to consult with a financial advisor to see what magic he or she can work for you and your finances, especially the closer you inch to your “golden years”.  If you live in the New Jersey area and are looking for a top financial advisor you should contact John Savadjian.  John Savadjian is a highly regarded insurance broker and financial advisor in NJ.


What Are The Types of Health Insurance?

Types of Health Insurance
If you are a worker bee, like the majority of Americans who have health insurance, your workplace picks a plan and you just basically go with the flow; if you’re lucky, the plan includes dental and optical as well, and, if you really lucked out, there is a disability policy in place for you too.

If, however, you are a single subscriber because you are in business for yourself, or have lost your job and must obtain health insurance, there are wide range of options out there to choose from.  In the past, if you couldn’t afford it, you might have gone without health insurance, but, since the advent of the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) or “ObamaCare”, it is the law that you must have health insurance in place or pay a fine.

Below are some salient points to help you muddle through understanding the various types of insurance – remember that you can always make it easy on yourself, by consulting with someone whose skill and expertise in the insurance field will make the choices easy for you to understand – such a person would be John Savadjian, an insurance broker in New Jersey.  A top insurance broker like John Savadjian can go over all of your insurance needs with you and can help you choose the best plan for the best price.

What Are The Types of Homeowners Insurance?

Types of Homeowners InsuranceInsurance premiums may sometimes seem to be the bane of your existence, but, think of the alternatives, if you had no insurance for your vehicle or/or home and there was catastrophic damage to either one?  Your home is probably your largest asset, and, without adequate insurance in place, quite possibly, your finances could be wiped out in a matter of moments.  You often hear stories of devastating tornadoes, and, in their aftermath, you view the shocking photos of a home with only the foundation remaining and a family gathered together looking at the devastation, but thankful that their lives were spared.  When you see devastation from a tornado, a fire – or even a robbery, having good insurance in place, will help to make you and your family whole.