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The History of Insurance

History of InsuranceThe roots of insurance go way back to Babylonia, where traders were encouraged to assume the risks of the caravan trade with funds to be paid only after the goods had arrived safely.  The Phoenicians and the Greeks soon hopped onto that bandwagon and utilized a similar system for their seaborne commerce.  The Romans were innovative as well and used “burial clubs” as a form of life insurance, by providing funeral expenses for members and later making payments to their survivors.

As towns grew and trade spurted up around Europe, many medieval guilds undertook measures to protect their members from loss by fire and shipwreck, or provide ransom from captivity by pirates, and to provide decent burial and support in times of sickness and poverty.  The earliest known insurance contract was in Genoa, Italy in 1347 and soon marine insurance became practically universal among the maritime nations of Europe.


What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

Types of Insurance

When you were a kid, your mom probably told you never to leave home without some Kleenex and enough change to make a phone call in case you got into trouble.  Back in the day, two dimes would do it, and maybe carrying an extra two dimes in case you fumbled and dropped the first pair and couldn’t find them.  Now most people carry a cell phone so carrying spare change is not a necessity, but the Kleenex…. well, that still makes sense today.

Just like being prepared with tissues or spare change for those daily little issues, having insurance policies in place will thwart most of life’s calamities and you will emerge from those times better for your preparedness.

“Fortune favors the prepared mind” -Louis Pasteur

Do I Need Insurance?

Do I Need InsuranceThe world of insurance can be super complex and trying to navigate through the various types of insurance to find exactly what is necessary and what is not can be confusing.  Before you contact the insurance company, it is important to be familiar with the different types of insurance available and which ones you actually need. Then a top insurance broker can help you sort through the types of policies and find what is suitable for your unique set of circumstances.

Types of Life Insurance

Types of Life InsuranceFor the top insurance broker, one question they hear frequently is about the different type of life insurance. They are often asked which type is the best and if everyone needs a life insurance policy. The primary purpose of life insurance is to protect families in the event that the primary earner in the family dies. It was initially designed for younger families who were in the phase of accumulating wealth. Early on, there’s not a lot of wealth to be had and it takes years of established employment to preserve wealth and set up the family for future years. Life insurance gives individuals a way to protect themselves and their families from exposure to personal risks such as having to pay off debts after a death, providing income for remaining family members, paying funeral expenses, or fulfilling other goals like helping to put kids through college. If a person provides the primary income for a family or are in business for themselves, life insurance can provide essential protection. It is important to know the types of life insurance available to you to help you protect your family.