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Do I Need Insurance?

Do I Need InsuranceThe world of insurance can be super complex and trying to navigate through the various types of insurance to find exactly what is necessary and what is not can be confusing.  Before you contact the insurance company, it is important to be familiar with the different types of insurance available and which ones you actually need. Then a top insurance broker can help you sort through the types of policies and find what is suitable for your unique set of circumstances.


How Does Insurance Work?

How does Insurance WorkInsurance got its start during the days when cargo ships were heavily used and when they got destroyed, their cargo was lost. Merchants began dividing their cargo among a number of boats so they were not as likely to lose all their merchandise and reach complete financial ruin. This way, even if one boat was lost, merchants didn’t lose everything but were more likely to only lose a small portion of their goods. They “shared the risk” between the boats which is the foundation of the insurance industry today. Insurance is basically parties agreeing to sharing risks.